Inbox Infinity takes its name from my chaotic email management strategy (or lack thereof). As a freelance music journalist, I realized that I was letting so much music fall by the wayside by outright ignoring most of the PR emails I receive. This weekly newsletter is my attempt to right that ship and write that shit!

Each edition features up to 10 tracks culled from the bowels of my Gmail, as well as an essay about whatever the hell is on my mind that week, music-wise. Recurring features include (thus far) The All-Timers, in which I wax poetic about one of my ride-or-die favorite songs, and The Blind Spots, in which I catch up on the discography of an artist who's eluded me up to this point.

I hope you enjoy reading Inbox Infinity, and I hope you'll consider subscribing (and perhaps even paying me to keep this thing afloat). Cheers!

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Jamie Larson